Dobson: "It's a blessing" to play with Brady

Dobson: "It's a blessing" to play with Brady
April 26, 2013, 10:45 pm
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FOXBORO -- Newly drafted receiver Aaron Dobson sounded cool and collected on his media conference call. Well, he did until prompted by the prospect of catching passes from Tom Brady, anyway.

"Oh, man," he practically sighed. "That right there… you can't beat that. The best quarterback in the league, you know. It's just amazing because I've been watching him for so long and now, I get the chance to play with him -- it's a blessing."

Meeting the expectations of a Hall-of-Fame quarterback could be daunting for any 21-year old. But Dobson denied any anxiety.  

"No, no. Not intimidating at all. I'm excited, just to get to know him and start catching balls from him. Just to try to help the situation out."

Expectations are already being shaped just based on his profile. Dobson's 6-3, 203-pound frame, his college football tenure at Marshall, and his upbringing in West Virginia invite obvious comparisons to former Patriot Randy Moss.

He is aware of it. He may or may not know Moss broke Jerry Rice's single season touchdown record (22) with New England in 2007. He may have heard about the nine 100-yard games, the six plus-40 yard TD receptions, and how Moss scored in 13 of 16 games that season.

Friday night he sounded wary of being placed alongside that legacy.

"Moss is a great player. He definitely did his thing in the NFL. He came in and went straight to work. I'm just trying to come in and make my own name, really. Just do what I can do to help my team win and make myself better and be great."

It will be interesting to see how Dobson fares.

New England's recent backlog shows a poor record of developing young receivers (e.g: Taylor Price, Brandon Tate). Deion Branch and David Givens are, arguably, the last who the Patriots drafted and had success with.

But the rookie carried on in confidence.

"I think I'm ready. It's definitely something I've that I've been getting prepared for throughout this whole process. Just people been telling me about the pressure and stuff of going into the league. I'm just trying to go in with a level head and go in focused.

"I'm just ready to start my new life with the Patriots and my new life in the NFL."