Do Patriots deserve more credit at halfway point?

Do Patriots deserve more credit at halfway point?
October 30, 2013, 1:30 am
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The Patriots are 6-2, but based on all the doom and gloom surrounding the team, you wouldn't know it.

So, we ask, do they deserve more credit as a whole for the job they've done to this point in the season?

Paul Perillo joined Joe Haggerty and Andy Gresh on Sports Tonight to talk about that word "credit".

"The way they've been able to win defensively I think has been the most impressive," Perillo said. "Even Sunday, the D got pushed around in the first half and then they pitch a shutout in the second half. They're taking the ball away, and playing complimentary football.

"Listen, I know it's cliche to sit there and say 'yeah, we have a lot of problems, but we're 6-2,' but the bottom line is, they've won six out of their eight games. There are a lot of problems on offense, but they've found a way to get past most of them.

The crew gives Bill Belichick most of the credit for the way he's pieced together the team thus far.

But he won't be able to piece together Tom Brady, who hasn't looked up to par and may be battling a hand injury,

"Clearly there's something going on with Tom's hand," Perillo said, to Gresh's agreement. "I know he says it's fine, and we're making too much out of it, but there's clearly something. We have never seen his accuracy be a problem the way we have for eight straight games."

So do the Pats deserve more credit at this point in the season? Let us know in the comments section.