Dan Koppen readies for New England return

Dan Koppen readies for New England return
October 2, 2012, 1:57 am
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Randy Moss' Halloween return this ain't. (Aside: Wasn't 2010 an odd and unexpectedly entertaining season around here?)

Still, it's no small matter to see Dan Koppen returning to Foxboro this week as center for the Denver Broncos. He was with the Patriots for nine seasons, a fifth-round pick in 2003 who was a two-time Super Bowl winner that played hard, played hurt and was a professional.

Now, with Denver starter J.D. Walton going down on Sunday, Koppen will be the starter for the Broncos when they visit New England with Peyton Manning at the controls.

Koppen will one day be able to brag that he had the hands of two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history near his nether regions in a professional capacity.

Meanwhile, he is - as always - all business as he gets ready for New England.

Well worry about that afterwards," Koppen told the Denver media when asked about snapping to Tom Brady and Manning. "We play with whos out on the field. Fortunately for me, its been Tom and Peyton. Weve got good players and its all about playing together.

On his return to Gillette, Koppen said, Im sure its going to be fun. A little bit different, a little bit of a different view, but its still just football.

Koppen wouldn't acknowledge that playing the team that released him at the end of camp adds some juice to this game.

I think anytime you step on the field youve got motivation," he said. "If you dont, then youre in the wrong business.