Curran's Patriots-Ravens preview

Curran's Patriots-Ravens preview
September 22, 2012, 2:20 pm
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FOXBORO - The attendant panic that comes when an elite team loses a game is present in Baltimore and Foxboro this week.

And it's been ratcheted up even more since the Patriots and Ravens have to deal with each other on Sunday night.

The specter of 1-2 - sub .500 - is real and so is the knowledge that whoever loses this game is now down a tiebreaker to a key conference rival.

The easy angle to this game is that its a rematch of the AFC Championship and vengeance is a motivator. No doubt the teams' past histories against each other are prominent in terms of matchups. But both clubs also have 2012 and the ongoing tweaking of their schemes as bigger issues.

Its a fascinating game because so much has subtly changed since Billy Cundiff went wide left.