Curran: Why the Pats have not addressed Hernandez situation

Curran: Why the Pats have not addressed Hernandez situation
July 4, 2013, 1:15 am
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The Patriots are still silent on the Aaron Hernandez situation.  

Tom E. Curran joined Gary Tanguay and Joe Haggerty on Sports Tonight to discuss what has happened over the last week.

Curran has no problem with the Patriots drafting Hernandez, but thinks the Patriots should have done a little more research before giving the former tight end a hefty extension.

"My contention is this.  Absolutely draft the guy. You've had a lot of success bringing in problem children and getting them to turn their lives around or getting them to assimilate into the system." said Curran, "When you look at a forty-million dollar investment . . . If you are going to put $6 1/2 million into him,  you should have a search light in every nook and cranny [of his life[."  

Curran thinks it's time the Patriots say something about their former player.

"I'd really like someone from the Patriots to say, 'Here's all our cards . . . these are the things that we missed. These are the things that we knew about. This is where we didn't do a good job in checking on him.  This is where nobody could have known.' "

Do you think it's time for the Patriots to talk about the past week?  Let us know what you would say if you were Bob Kraft and the Patriots organization.