Curran on Welker: 'He's clearly hurt'

Curran on Welker: 'He's clearly hurt'
August 8, 2013, 7:45 pm
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Former Patriots receiver Wes Welker opened up to Sports Illustrated this week about the way his tenure in New England ended, and specifically talked about his relationship with coach Bill Belichick.

In short, it wasn't too positive.

Welker, now with the Broncos, was unhappy with the way he was treated by Belichick at times, and said he was admonished by the Patriots coach in front of his teammates last season.'s Patriots insider Tom E. Curran thinks this admission by Welker is a result of him simply being hurt by the way things ended.

"I think he's hurt," Curran said. "He's clearly hurt by the way things went down, he's clearly hurt by the fact that he thought he would be able to re-sign with New England. They gave him an offer they thought wasn't equitable and it turned out that was the market for him. They had to drum up the tension from the Denver Broncos to get signed.

"So I think there's a lot of hurt for a guy who produced at a high level," Curran said.