Curran: Welker deserves a big payday

Curran: Welker deserves a big payday
October 14, 2011, 12:05 pm
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Prior to the 2007 season, the Patriots signed Wes Welker to a five-year, 18 million contract. As Tom E. Curran points out, "Tom Brady pulls down in one year pretty much more than Welker has made over five."

So now, says Curran, it's time for the Pats to pay up.

"Truth: The Patriots have gotten over on Welker big time," Curran said Thursday night on 'Quick Slants'. "Look simply at how different this offense would be without him. His presence is as vital to this group as Tom Brady's is . . .

"Look, the money's going out the door. Logan Mankins cashed in and Vince Wilfork cashed in, both deservedly so. Welker deserves to get him some, too. And if he doesn't get it here, he owes it to himself to chase it elsewhere, even though he'll never be nearly as effective in another uniform, another program."