Curran: Observations on the Hernandez front

Curran: Observations on the Hernandez front
June 22, 2013, 1:00 pm
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A few observations on the Hernandez front on this Saturday while the media stakeout of his house enters its fifth day.
In speaking to people not directly involved with this case, but in general, the opinion was expressed that the “paper warrant” does nothing. The pressure is already inherent on Aaron Hernandez, so to dangle the threat of arrest for obstruction of justice in the form of this warrant does little.
Additionally, on the obstruction charge, destroying a cell phone and home security device -- as has been alleged here -- would seem to go beyond obstruction and would be closer to accessory after the fact. Something on the cell phone and home security camera would hint at a higher level of involvement by the party doing the destroying as opposed to being merely uncooperative or misleading.
If the authorities intend to arrest Hernandez, his attorneys wouldn’t want the shot of Hernandez coming out of the house in handcuffs and would prefer to turn him in themselves.
It seems a stretch for this to have been a spur-of-the-moment or accidental killing, given that it occurred at an industrial park. Also, some sort of action must have occurred at the residence. Why else smash the video system or have a cleaning crew come in?
Arresting Hernandez on a mere obstruction-of-justice charge would necessarily put the facts the DA has compiled onto the table. In order to defend against that charge, evidence would then likely be divulged which would make it easier for the defense to know what’s coming.
Very little information -- if any at all -- has been disclosed about the other two people said to be in the car with Hernandez on Sunday night and Monday morning.
The first guy on the bus gets the best deal.