Curran: No need to worry about Lloyd

Curran: No need to worry about Lloyd
March 13, 2012, 12:25 pm
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As the Brandon Lloyd-to-the-Patriots drumbeats grow louder and louder -- and a deal could happen as early as today, with free agency beginning at 4 p.m. -- more and more people are wondering just what sort of citizen may be coming on board. Lloyd, after all, has played for six teams in nine years and had his share of problems in at least three or his stops (San Francisco, Washington and Chicago).
"Gives you pause," admits Tom E. Curran,'s Patriots Insider.
But Curran isn't worried that Lloyd will become Adalius Thomas or Albert Haynesworth redux.
"I think he's been a pretty good civilian and guy in the locker room in the last few years, "Curran said to Michael Felger on 'Sports Sunday' earlier this week. "And I think that the Patriots are not the same substitute-teacher mentality that you might have in a St. Louis or a Chicago or a Washington.
"It's different in Foxboro. We've seen it time and time again."
And Curran believes Lloyd and the Patriots are a good fit.
"Look at Lloyd's body control and ability to compete for the ball," said Curran. "That's what Tom Brady needs, a guy who goes up and competes for the ball."