Curran: This is just the beginning for Hernandez

Curran: This is just the beginning for Hernandez
June 26, 2013, 11:00 am
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For a week, conversations I’ve had with people familiar with the Aaron Hernandez case often ended with two words. “He’s (screwed).”
And now it’s official.
Six men in dark suits plowed into Hernandez’s foyer at 8:47 a.m. and removed him from his beautiful home. A policeman on each arm, handcuffs on his wrists, lips pursed, eyes cast downward, Hernandez raised his head to spit on his rhododendron and defiantly looked at the gathered media before dipping his head again.
How screwed will he be? What has the week-long investigation yielded? Will it be a charge of obstruction of justice, accessory before or after the fact, joint venture homicide?
We will find out before dinner.
Amazing to think that, at this time last year, the Patriots were negotiating a long-term extension for Hernandez. Now his arrest is a reality, the Patriots have released him, and he is the nation’s lead story.
And this is just the start. Once the chilling and lurid details of Odin Lloyd’s death are laid on the table -- and they are bound to be lurid and chilling -- Hernandez could sustain a 24-hour channel.
For a week, there’s been a tendency to theorize that Hernandez can’t be up to his eyeballs in this because, simply, how stupid could he be?
So even as the search invaded his universe -- his living room, his white Audi, his rental car, the industrial park and ponds near his home -- and even as it was reported that his cell phone and surveillance system were smashed, we (or at least I) kept thinking, “Had to be someone else that made Odin Lloyd dead.”
But the fact that Hernandez was yanked from his home this morning -- the first one arrested -- and either decided not to or wasn’t given the chance to turn himself in, changes the feel from, “couldn’t be him . . .” to “why couldn’t it be him?”
The only thing that those of us looking from the outside in have been thinking is he probably didn’t do it because he has too much to lose.
That notion is now taking on water.