Curran: Gronk has come out unscathed

Curran: Gronk has come out unscathed
October 10, 2013, 10:30 pm
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Rob Gronkowski’s off the field actions could pose a problem down the road for the Patriots.

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The Patriots have waited, waited some more, and then did some more waiting for the return of Rob Gronkowski.

Gronkowski, who had multiple surgeries over the offseason, has not played in one game this season despite practicing since week one.

Tom E. Curran discussed the Gronkowski circus on Quick Slants, and whether or not he will return to the field against the Saints this week.

“It has gotten a little bit ridiculous during this whole process,” Curran said. “Meanwhile, we have Gronk in the Dunkin Donuts ads, car dealership ads, and the Growing Up Gronk book, and the SI covers. All of it aimed at advancing the Gronk brand. You know it has been a masterful sales job. When you think about it, somehow he is skating clean when other people would challenge the toughness of him.”

After coming back from a forearm injury, and reinjuring it last season, it is understandable why Gronkowski wants to be cautious coming back.

“Gronk has been in a position where he has played hurt before and he has a back loaded contract,” Curran said. “So, he is not going to get onto the field again until he is tip-top. It’s just business.”