Curran: Edelman and running backs in 'good spot'

Curran: Edelman and running backs in 'good spot'
August 3, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Two questions of what seems like a myriad of questions surrounding the New England Patriots offense in 2013 training camp has surrounded Julian Edelman, who is coming off a season-ending foot injury, and the Patriots running game, a unit that was seventh in total yards in 2012.

Edelman, limited to nine games in 2012, will most likely be the most experienced pass-catcher in the Patriots system, with 48 games of experience. He has caught 72 Tom Brady passes for 947 yards since his rookie season in 2009. The 27year old will need to step up in his fifth season as a pro.

CSNNE Patriots insider Tom E. Curran loves what he’s seen from the wideout.

“I’m looking at a guy who has explosion right now, who doesn’t seem to have a second thought about finishing a run or trying to make a move,” said Curran. “That’s the funny thing about camp, is that he’s coming back from that ankle, so he might have some misgivings of whether it feels exactly right.”

How about the running game?

“I think [with the] running backs, as long as there’s no slip-ups with those guys, they’ll be in a good spot,” added Curran.