Curran: Breaking down the AFC playoff picture

Curran: Breaking down the AFC playoff picture
December 24, 2013, 10:00 am
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The Patriots are in the playoffs, but the 6th seed is still up for grabs.

The Dolphins, Ravens, Chargers, and Steelers all have a shot at the last seed - with some teams having a better chance than others.

So, who should the other teams closer to the top not want to see make it in? Tom E. Curran gives his take on the toughest of the bunch.

"All of them can play some defense . . . we saw the Chargers go into Denver and actually beat the Broncos at their own game," Curran said. "We saw the Dolphins take care of business against the Patriots, and of course the Ravens and Steelers not withstanding the 96 points the Patriots scored on those two teams, they can play some defense. So whoever draws the No. 6 seed is going to have a handful."

"But I'm looking at the Chargers as being the most difficult to handle. Veteran quarterback, some fairly explosive outside guys, and some good defenders."

In order for the Chargers to get in, they'll have to win and the Ravens and Dolphins will have to lose.