Curran: Brady's window not close to closing

Curran: Brady's window not close to closing
May 26, 2014, 1:30 pm
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Brady’s Window. How long have people been obsessing about it?
Since 2008 is my best guess. Back when Brady’s ACL got Pollarded and Matt Cassel led the Patriots to 11 wins. That’s when people first “threw it out there” (as people like to do since they can say they're just spitballin’ and not necessarily giving their opinion). Thrown out there was the idea that when Brady came back in 2009 at the age of 32 the team maybe might want to think a little bit about perhaps going with Cassel...

Good call.
In 2010, Brady was the first unanimous NFL MVP as voted by 50 Associated Press voters.
In 2011, he started in his fifth Super Bowl and – while his cement-headed safety at the start of the game is easily recalled – he set a record for consecutive completions (16) and kept the Patriots alive on their final drive with a fourth-and-16 delivery to Deion Branch and hit Aaron Hernandez in the hands with the Hail Mary to win as time expired.
In 2012 with Hernandez (who we’ve come to learn was allegedly up to his eyeballs in angel dust and gunplay), falling man Brandon Lloyd and a broken Gronk for the postseason, the Patriots lost in the AFC Championship.
In 2013, he dragged the team kicking and screaming to another AFC Championship Game appearance. And a loss.
Now, with four years left on Brady’s deal, we’re still on the window. Because – despite the hard evidence of his production it’s irresistible for the “throwin’ it out there” set to look at his birthdate (August 3, 1977) and opine the end is near.
Screw the birthdate. Where is the visual evidence of a quarterback in decline? Brady’s told me he’s not close to done – not by a damn sight – and I’ve shared that over the years many times and it just ricochets around the set and lands harmlessly on the floor.
Brady reiterated to Peter King how far from done he believes himself to be.
Brady annually gives King a State of the Brady address in advance of Brady’s weekend spent raising money in the Best Buddies Challenge.
The most pertinent part when it comes to the Window?
“You know, you don’t have to suck when you get older. It’s hard to explain this to people," Brady said, "but the commitment I make, in terms of keeping my body in shape and my nutrition right, should make me healthy. I feel better today than when I was 25, and I know that’s hard for people to believe, but I do. I work at it. Basically, I work all off-season to prepare my body to not get hurt. I can’t help the team if I’m on the sidelines. I’ve got to be durable.”
Here’s a story. Earlier this offseason, I touched base with Brady about maybe doing something on the shop he opened at Patriot Place called TB12 Sports Therapy Center.
In the course of conversation, I mentioned a hip injury that had been bothering me for about five months. Couldn’t walk right. Couldn’t play basketball without pain. Couldn’t swing a golf club fully. Was spreading into my back.
He told me two sessions at his place would fix it. He was right. It was fixed in a week. I still can’t play basketball but my hip and back aren’t the problem, I just suck.
Now, if I can walk off the street and get fixed in two sessions, how advanced is the workout, nutrition and training Brady gets during the offseason?
He’s a unique athlete who’s signed in New England for four more seasons. The date of birth says to be concerned about the window closing. The performance says it’s still open wide.