Curran: Belichick likes Tebow the football player

Curran: Belichick likes Tebow the football player
June 10, 2013, 7:15 pm
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If you're looking for the answer to the one-word question -- "Why??" -- on the lips of every Patriots fan, Tom E. Curran thinks he has an answer.

He thinks he knows why Tim Tebow is on his way to Foxboro.

"Dating back to when Bill Belichick and Tim Tebow broke bread prior to the 2010 draft, Bill Belichick has had a soft spot for Tim Tebow as a football player," Curran told Bob Neumeier on Monday night's SportsNet Central. "Not necessarily as a quarterback, but definitely as a football player . . . So I think that it's 'Hey, I like the kid. He works his ass off. Let's see what he can do for us and see if he can carve a niche for himself.' "

And, Tom, do you think the circus atmosphere will follow Tebow to New England?

"I don't," he said, "because if you look at what happened in New York, they spoon fed the media Tim Tebow at every juncture . . . I think in New England, he'll be under lock and key. He won't be talking . . . "