Curran: Analyzing how Edelman deal fits

Curran: Analyzing how Edelman deal fits
March 18, 2014, 1:30 pm
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Julian Edelman's new deal with the Patriots runs through 2017 and will pay him at least $17 million in base salary with the opportunity to make $2 million more if he hits his incentives. Of that, $8 million is guaranteed for injury and $6 million for skill.

The contract numbers were initially reported by Mike Garofalo of FOXSports.

How does this stack up next to the deal signed last March by Danny Amendola? Come with me and we'll take a look.

Amendola got a five-year, $28.3 million deal. He got a $6 million signing bonus and $10 million guaranteed.

There's been scatter-shot speculation over the past couple of months that the Patriots would release Amendola prior to this year. Even for the inch-deep thinkers we have wading into Patriots conversations, that was dumb. The guy played 12 games and -- while he underperformed because of injury -- he wasn't an unmitigated failure like, say, Chad Johnson.

He caught 51 balls in the first 10 games he played for 579 yards before falling off the map at the end of the regular season and the playoffs. Too soon to chop.

But after this season, the Patriots should take a long look at the work of Edelman and Amendola and determine whether they are complementary targets or redundant.

Because in 2015 Amendola carries a $4 million salary, a $500,000 signing bonus and a prorated signing bonus of $1.2 million for a cap hit of $5.7 million.

With Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, Devin McCourty, Nate Solder and others at or nearing the time for extensions after 2014, the Patriots are probably looking at a number of interesting choices in 11 months.

It's a contract year for a lot of guys. Amendola among them.