Curran: 2003, not 2013, is Belichick's best season

Curran: 2003, not 2013, is Belichick's best season
December 12, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Tom E. Curran said Bill Belichick's best coaching performance came in 2003.

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With the amount of injuries the Patriots have faced this season, some would say this has been Bill Belichick’s best coaching season.

Tom E. Curran disagreed on Quick Slants saying the Patriots have relied more on Tom Brady this season than Bill Belichick.

“This is all Tom Brady,” said Curran of the 2013 season. “This team could be 2-11 right now. I’m not even lying. Go back through the results. It could be 2-11 if Tom Brady wasn’t pulling their keyster through the fire each and every week.”

What is Belichick’s best coaching job since being head coach of the Patriots? According to Curran, it was in 2003.

“Very light talent year, dominating performance,” Curran said. “Bill Belichick in 2003 was the best he ever did.”