CB prospect Jenkins splits with agents


CB prospect Jenkins splits with agents

On Friday, we looked at one of the intriguing storylines in the 2012 draft -- the fate of Janoris Jenkins.

The North Alabama corner is working to make clear that he's not a high-risk prospect despite getting booted out of Florida and fathering four children with three different young ladies all by the age of 23

(Aside: While I'm all for fatherhood, I'm not sure going at that clip is going to help Janoris either professionally or in terms of being the very best dad he can be).

The news that dropped Monday afternoon isn't going to allay many concerns.

Jenkins is leaving his agent Ben Dogra at CAA Football. Dogra, one of the most successful and respected agents in a messy business, confirmed the news Monday afternoon.

The information was first dropped by agent Kyle Gouchenor on his Twitter account.

Dogra told Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal, "We wish him well, but this is in the best interest of all parties."

Changing agents isn't always an awful thing. If a prospect has a solid, consistent background and plausible reasons then it's not going to matter a whit. But if a prospect already seems a bit untethered and impetuous, a move like an agent change this late in the game is a red flag.

Mel Kiper Jr., has cited the Patriots as a reasonable landing spot for the gnat-like Jenkins.