Cardinals: Gostkowski was 'scared'

Cardinals: Gostkowski was 'scared'
September 16, 2012, 10:11 pm
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FOXBORO -- Sure there was pressure. But was Stephen Gostkowski scared when he lined up a game-winning 42-yard field goal to beat the Cardinals as time wound down on their Week 2 game against the Patriots?

Arizona cornerback Patrick Peterson thinks he might have been.

"We put a lot of pressure on a lot of field goal teams," said Peterson, who flew in for a block attempt as Gostkowski got the kick got away. "I think he was a little scared of us, honestly, that is why he pushed it left."

Andre Roberts piled on the Patriots kicker, too.

"He is a kicker," Roberts said. "It is his job to make the field goal and he missed the field goal. We have a really good field goal block team and I think that may have been in the back of his mind. You never know."

For the Patriots' part, they had Gostkowski's back.

"I mean, you miss kicks, you throw interceptions, you fumble the ball, you miss tackles," Tom Brady said. "Over the course of a long season, those things happen. Theres no one play that lost the game; we did a lot of things that allowed us to lose this game. We had a lot of opportunity out there to make more plays than we did. Hopefully it never comes down to a 42-yard field goal at the end. Hopefully we do a better job on offense so its not that kind of game at the end."

Said Rob Gronkowski: "Stephen does a great job. He kicked four great field goals to keep us in the game. The loss is not on him. The loss could be on me. I got that penalty at the end holding the guy. You can't have things like that happen. It's definitely not on Stephen. He's a great kicker and a great player."