Can the Patriots trust Ridley going forward?

Can the Patriots trust Ridley going forward?
November 25, 2013, 2:15 am
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Once again, Stevan Ridley fumbled the ball.

This time, it was even more costly, as the Broncos picked it up and returned it for a touchdown - the game's first score of the game.

Troy Brown, Ty Law, and Mike Felger discuss the latest in Ridley's fumble-itis.

"Can't put him out there man, obviously now you know you can win tough football games when you're playing from behind," Brown said. "Instead of getting 10-12 yards on a carry, you take seven or eight from guys who are going to hold onto the football. That's going to be Bolden, that's going to be Vereen."

Law thinks that even though Ridley has hurt the team, the Pats have to give him the ball still.

"Stevan Ridley right now is under so much pressure, that if he bobbles the ball, his game is thrown off right now," Law said. "He's still your best runner. You have to find a way to get him in the mix . . . you can't just not play him. You can't just not play Stevan Ridley because he's your best running back, but he's costing games right now."

Brown disagrees, and thinks it could be the end for Ridley with the Pats.

"I think it's a wrap. I think it's a wrap for him," Brown said. "Two weeks in a row, two big games you've given him the rock and he put the team in bad situations."