Can Jermaine Cunningham become an elite pass rusher?

Can Jermaine Cunningham become an elite pass rusher?
August 9, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Jermaine Cunningham has yet to blossom into the type of player the Patriots were probably hoping for. But could this year be the year?

Steve DeOssie joined Glenn Ordway and Lou Merloni on UNO Sports Tonight to break down just what it'll take for Cunningham to become an elite pass-rusher in his fourth season.

"You've seen flashes of phenomenal pass-rushes from the young man," DeOssie said of Cunningham. "The fact is he has the ability, but again that's gonna come from the three things that make you a great pass-rusher. First thing is an unbelievable desire to get to the quarterback; the second thing is understanding your kraft; and the third thing is putting in the hours and the time that it takes to get better at that craft, studying and working out at what the great pass-rushers do to get better as pass-rushers.

"If he's been willing to do that, he has all the athletic ability in the world to get that done."

Do you believe Cunningham is poised to have a breakout season? Will he ever become an elite pass rusher?