Can Belichick avoid discussing Hernandez?

Can Belichick avoid discussing Hernandez?
July 9, 2013, 10:45 pm
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Patriots Owner Robert Kraft broke the management-wide silence about the Aaron Hernandez situation Monday. Now it's coach Bill Belichick's turn.

Belichick is known for revealing little to no information to the media at his press conference, but this situation may be different.

Gary Tanguay, Michael Felger, Kevin Paul Dupont and Ben Volin discussed just how much they believe Belichick will say in his first press conference since the Hernandez news surfaced. And there seems to be a consensus that the Patriots coach will stick to his usual Belichickian ways. 

"He can't avoid it," Volin said. "They're gonna put him on the podium and there's gonna be questions whether it be the first day (or) multiple day story. We can't make him answer though. We can't stick our hand up his shirt and make him do a pop and make him give the answer.  

"Reporters are gonna try. It'll be light the Tebow press conference. They're gonna pepper him with questions 20, 25 in a row, he 's not gonna say anything. You can't make him say anything."

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