Camp Battle: Spikes vs. Hightower


Camp Battle: Spikes vs. Hightower Patriots insider Tom E. Curran begins his countdown to training camp with a look at some potential position battles. First up, inside linebacker, where rookie Dante Hightower could challenge Brandon Spikes.

Curran on Spikes: "Instinctive, but not very disciplined."

Curran on Hightower: "A student of the game, more versatile. Able to play inside and outside."

Celtics' team plane receives bomb threat


Celtics' team plane receives bomb threat

BOSTON -- There was a bomb threat to the Boston Celtics’ team plane to Oklahoma City on Saturday afternoon, but no one was injured.

The incident will be investigated by NBA security which will work in conjunction with the FBI on this matter which was one of several hoaxes called into airports across the country on Saturday.

News of the bomb threat was first known when Celtics forward Jae Crowder posted an Instagram photo showing players departing the plane with the caption, “BOMB THREAT ON US”.

Celtics officials declined to comment on the matter and instead referred all bomb threat-related questions to the league office.

Messages to the league office were not immediately returned.