Buckley: Colts a dangerous opponent

Buckley: Colts a dangerous opponent
January 7, 2014, 6:00 am
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Mike Felger, Lou Merloni, and our two guests Greg Bedard and Steve Buckley, are playing a little "Fill in the Blank" on Sports Tonight.

The first one is . . . ____ is the most dangerous wild card winner.

"I know I'm running against the grain here, but the comeback they had the other day, they're coming into Foxboro, Luck's chance at making history. I know what they have in terms of lack of weapons, but they scare me. Colts."

Buckley is alone in that pick, with the rest of the room saying it's the San Francisco 49ers.

"It's definitely the Niners," Bedard said. "The Niners are the only team capable of going on the road over the next two weeks and winning their conference championship game."

Next up: ____ is best equipped to win the Super Bowl.

"It's really close for me between Seattle and San Francisco," Bedard said.

Buckley agrees on Seattle.

"I give Denver a sniff, but I just like Seattle's overall depth," Buckley said. "You just look at the team from top to bottom, and there's just more oomph there from top to bottom."