Buckley: Britt situation shows 'disconnect' with Patriots

Buckley: Britt situation shows 'disconnect' with Patriots
March 26, 2014, 10:00 am
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When the Patriots brought in WR Kenny Britt for a visit -- he of nine arrests since being drafted -- it ruffled a few feathers with some Patriots fans.

After all, it's been less than a year since Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder. Not to mention the Pats have another player in Alfonzo Dennard currently sitting in jail for punching a cop and then drinking and driving while on probation.

Is it so hard to find high character players? Or players who haven't had trouble with the law?

It looks like Robert Kraft has had enough. He told the Boston Herald regarding Britt, "We won't be signing him. That won't happen."

It's one thing to say that right away, but after bringing in the player for a visit?

Mike Felger, Bob Neumeier, Steve Buckley, and Rob "Hardy" Poole discussed a potential discord between ownership and Bill Belichick's crew.

"When you bring in a player it's with the expectation that the player is going to audition for a chance to play for the team," Buckley said. "When you bring the player in and the owner says no there's no chance not because of his record, not because of the way he plays in the field, then there's some kind of disconnect."

So if all that Hernandez stuff didn't happen in the past, would Kraft feel this way?

"Yeah, I think it is a direct response to that," Hardy said. "And I was at first interested in the way Bob Kraft said that. He said 'No, we will not be bringing him in, he won't be joining this team.' I think that's in direct response to it."

Hardy also thinks there may be a bit of a difference in opinion in terms of which players to bring in now.

As far as the disconnect, yeah, there appears to be something going on there," Hardy said. "We were hearing this last year too when Bob Kraft was singing the praises of Wes Welker and how he wants him to stay with the team forever. And now we're hearing it again about Vince Wilfork. Well, there's what the owner wants and then what Bill Belichick is actually going to decide is best for the team."

Felger notes that the simple fact Kraft is getting involved at all goes against the way they've been doing things for over a decade.

"My only point is that when is the last time Robert Kraft said that Bill can't have a football player?" Felger asked. "Or when has Robert Kraft said yes or no on a football player? That's the football department . . . not that the Pats or Bill wanted to sign him, but again I just think this is an evolution or whatever you want to call it. This is a difference from last year."