Bruschi will let his kids play football -- at age 14


Bruschi will let his kids play football -- at age 14

FOXBORO -- Another vote is cast on the issue of youth football.

Tedy Bruschi was asked Wednesday, at his fifth-annual youth football clinic, if he will let his kids play the game he made a career out of.

Bruschi answered after a thoughtful pause.

"Where I stand is where my mother stood: My mother didn't want me to play football until I was 14-years old -- until I was older," he said. "And I believe that.

"My oldest is 11. He talks about playing football. I'm teaching him fundamentals of football. He hasn't put a helmet on yet -- maybe one of my old ones from the Patriots and things -- but I believe in letting my kids develop a little bit before they play. That's the way it was with me. I'm pretty sure I'm okay. Hopefully, it works out for them that way also."

He stood silent for a moment, then smiled.

"But football . . . I would want them to be a part of it. It's a great sport."

Wednesday's event highlights those all-important fundamentals. Almost 60 kids rotate to various stations where they get tips from current and former Patriots on tackling, kicking, passing, and the like.

Bruschi's three sons -- Tedy Jr., Rex, and Dante -- were in attendance.