Brown's advice for Ridley: 'Call Tiki Barber'

Brown's advice for Ridley: 'Call Tiki Barber'
November 27, 2013, 12:15 pm
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Troy Brown's Twitter follower said it best:

Don't let Stevan Ridley take the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven on Thursday.

But seriously, Ridley has some fumbling issues. He's fumbled in his last three games, and you have to wonder what he can do to fix the issue.

Brown says he should call a former player and work with him.

"Steven Ridley, man, you just have to call Tiki Barber up, have him come to town, and you guys go somewhere over to Foxboro old practice field over there and work on toting the ball up on your chest like he did," Browns said. "I don't know, learn something from him, because you're too good of a running back not to be on the football field helping them win games. He's that good."

Brown says Ridley needs to focus more on protecting the ball when contact is coming, instead of trying to do too much.

"Some guys press to hit the home run all the time too," Brown said. "When you see that, especially when they're trying to keep their balance, the hand goes down, the ball comes away from your body, those types of things,. You do a spin move, the elbow comes out. One of the things I tried to do is make a conscious effort to always take care of that football and keep it up against my body at all times."