Brown on Sam: Patriots would offer great support system

Brown on Sam: Patriots would offer great support system
February 10, 2014, 10:45 pm
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Former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown called in to CSNNE's SportsNet Central to discuss NFL prospect Michael Sam announcing that he's gay.

Brown, like many others who have spoken out on it, doesn't think it should have a negative effect on the league or any team.

"I think he put it best last night," Brown said of Sam's announcement. "The one thing that he wants to go out and do is play football and play at a high level."

Robert Kraft has already come out in support of Sam, saying that the team would welcome Sam on the team regardless of his sexual preference if he could help them win.

Brown says that's all you need to hear to see where the Pats stand on the matter.

"You hear the boss talking right there and he set the tone for the whole organization," Brown said. "I think if anyone had a problem with that, then they have to deal with the boss. And that will be taken care of one way or the other. If this guy can come in and play - even if he can't play, nobody is going to have a problem with him. What he does in his free time is his business. What another player does in his free time is their business and when you come through that front door it's all about working and doing business. He sounds like a young man that wants to take care of business."

Brown knows that New England would welcome him with open arms.

"Whatever his sexual preference is, that's on him. I'm not here to judge and no other player is there to judge. But when he steps in to that locker room it's going to be the most comfortable work place for him that he can step in. That's just my experience in the Patriots locker room and the Patriots way of doing things. He's got a great boss. If he was to sign with the Patriots he would have a great boss and great support system."