Brown: Patriots or no Patriots, that's a penalty

Brown: Patriots or no Patriots, that's a penalty
November 19, 2013, 12:15 pm
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What was your immediate reaction as soon as you saw the officials pick up the flag at the end of the game last night?

Incredulity? Anger? Was it to curse everything in sight? Put your fist through a wall?

Well we had three different reactions last night on Postgame Live that you're going to want to watch again.

First there's Ty Law. You love him, of course, but he's a defensive back at heart. He didn't think the penalty should be called because of the quality of Tom Brady's throw. He thought it was a penalty by the letter of the law, but you can place him in the "uncatchable" crowd.

Then there's Troy Brown. Mr. Integrity as we call him around these parts.

"Patriots or no Patriots, that's a penalty," he said. "If you want to call the game and keep the integrity of the game in tact, that's the way it is, you gotta make that call."

Spoken like a true Patriot. And a true receiver. And maybe he's right.

Then there's Mike Felger. We won't even anger you with his take, but watch the video above and try not to throw anything at your computer screen.