Brown: Patriots gained some confidence today

Brown: Patriots gained some confidence today
September 22, 2013, 5:15 pm
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After two wins by a combined margin of four points, the New England Patriots found their rhythm against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 23-3 win.

Tom Brady seemed to be on the same page with his receivers this week, as Brady went 25-of-36 for 202 yards and two touchdowns passes. Both touchdowns passes were completed to Kenbrell Thompkins who finished the game with three receptions for 41 yards.

Michael Felger, Troy Brown, and Mike Flynn discussed on Postgame Live a positive outcome for the Patriots.

“They’ve been able to practice now the last three weeks and get this team fined tuned to get ready to go down to Atlanta next Sunday night,” Brown said. “You have to be grateful the schedule fell the way it did because today this team got a little bit better and gained a little more confidence. Tom [Brady] looks much more comfortable with his receivers now with some practice time under their belts.

The Patriots’ defense also played well, only allowing a field goal in the win.

“It’s not the Patriots fault that Tampa is bad, the Patriots played well,” Felger said. “Three points allowed on defense, I don’t care if you are going against a seventh grade team. Three points allowed after coming off of those two weeks defensively. They continue to not just win