Brown explains problems sports hernia creates

Brown explains problems sports hernia creates
September 17, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Danny Amendola won't have sports hernia surgery. Whether or not that's a good decision remains to be seen.

Troy Brown had a sports hernia that held him out of the Super Bowl in 1996, and knows the problems it creates for players like Amendola.

"It's a very painful thing to go through as an athlete," Brown said on Sports Tonight. "I think people live with them on a daily basis in society, but as an athlete I can feel what Danny Amendola is going through right now running these plays. I could not accelerate. I could kind of make some moves and get open and catch the ball, but the biggest part was being able to catch the ball and make moves and change directions with a lot of speed and a lot of force. that really held me back a lot."

Amendola has had differing opinions on what's wrong, but Brown says it's hard to tell difference between groin pull and sports hernia.

Amendola was out practicing with the team on Monday, but he didn't look good according to the reporters who watched. Some wonder if he would be better off just resting instead of trying to practice through it.

"That's what I would say, just rest and try to get it better," Brown said. "But if it's a sports hernia, it's never going to get better. You have to get surgery to get that fixed. But if it's a groin, yeah rest it up and make sure he's good to go and don't even fool around with it. But if that's the case and he's out there trying to see what he can do, maybe that's showing a little bit of desperation on the part of the Patriots offense right now trying to find somebody to make some plays for them."