Broncos’ Adams says Edelman is far less than Wes

Broncos’ Adams says Edelman is far less than Wes
January 13, 2014, 6:45 pm
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Through 17 games, Julian Edelman’s got 111 catches and 1,140 yards. Not enough to make anyone forget Wes Welker because, well, Wes Welker was the best slot receiver of all-time in his Patriots tenure.

Still, Edelman’s been a very passable facsimile of the former Patriot/current Bronco.

Not even close, according to Broncos safety Mike Adams.

“I can’t compare the two because Wes is— he’s something special,” Adams said in quotes distributed by the Broncos. “He can jive up the ball and then speed out and have you off balance. Edelman, he doesn’t do that. He’s a one-speed guy. He doesn’t have the same ability or the quickness that Wes has in the slot. I guess that is the main difference between them. But I don’t know if they use him the same as they used Wes because they’re totally different players.”

We point this out not to denigrate Welker – he does do all the things Adams said – but the quickness and ability Edelman has in the slot (and on the outside) was pretty well demonstrated. As for “totally different” the biggest is that Edelman is a lot faster than Welker.

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about Edelman’s game. Over the weekend, former Giants offensive tackle Shaun O’Hara said on NFL Network that Edelman isn’t as fast as Welker.

Adams' other evaluation stated that, Shane Vereen, “seemed like he’s catching a lot of passes really coming out of the backfield — he’s up there in catching a lot of passes as well. We’ll have our hands full and this is going to be a battle. I’m prepared for it.”

A big difference between this meeting and the last for the Patriots offense is that Rob Gronkowski is unavailable. Denver is aware of the impact.  

“I think he’s probably the best tight end in the NFL and that’s [Brady’s] main target,” said defensive lineman Terrence Knighton. “That’s why they’re running the ball and they’re doing a good job of it. They have capable receivers and their quarterback is elite. They’ll have some kind of wrinkle, they’ll have something. Whoever is in there, they’re expecting them to make plays so it really doesn’t matter who is out there.”