Brady's World Series prediction: Red Sox in five

Brady's World Series prediction: Red Sox in five
October 23, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Tom Brady says he's willing to give the Cardinals one win in the World Series, but that's all. He gave his prediction for the series on Wednesday afternoon.

"Red Sox, man," he said. "Red Sox in five. We'll give them one."

Brady explained that he'll be pulling for the Red Sox tonight in Game 1, and that athletes everywhere could learn something from this year's Red Sox team in terms of how to overcome adversity.

"That's our team," Brady said. "I've been here a while so I've gotten to see a lot of Red Sox games over the years and watched them win a few championships, so tonight . . . You don't take these for granted because you don't know if they'll ever come again. The Red Sox have had a great year, and what they've done, based on what happened last year shows everybody what fighting through adversity is all about. They have great mental toughness, and it's a great thing to see. It's a great thing to watch. To go from last place or whatever they were in last year to playing in the World Series."