Brady spotted jumping off cliff in Costa Rica


Brady spotted jumping off cliff in Costa Rica

Tom Brady made some ripples jumping off a cliff in Costa Rica last week.

Now, those little waves are big waves, since TMZ has pictures of Brady on his vacation, including one of his terrifying, death-defying plunges into the water (pictured).
Let's be honest: If this wasn't Tom Brady it wouldn't be news. You don't want Brady putting himself or the competitiveness of the team in jeopardy by doing something irresponsible, but it doesn't seem like that's the case here.

Players have restrictions on what they can and cannot do while under contract, but it's hard to believe an act like the one Brady committed is covered under the "DO NOT ATTEMPT" section of the agreement.

That didn't stop reporters from asking Patriots coach Bill Belichick about the pictures. And it didn't stop Belichick from responding in typical Belichick fashion.

There are NFL rules and then there are club rules, and those are handled between the club or the league and the players, Belichick said. "Im not going to comment on any of our club rules. Any discipline we have is handled internally.

But far be it from Belichick to keep Brady away from the water. History proves that when it comes to water, there's no slowing him down.