Brady speaks to alma mater Wolverines

Brady speaks to alma mater Wolverines
August 22, 2013, 4:30 pm
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Tom Brady is back in his old stomping grounds of Michigan for Thursday's game against the Lions.

Before that, though, he stopped by his alma mater and spoke to the team.

The speech was good look into the fiery side that makes Brady such a competitor. Check out the video here.

Here are a couple highlights of what Brady said:

"Every man in this room is counting on you. And every player that's ever worn this helmet is counting on you, because you guys are the ones that are lucky enough to play for Michigan. Not a lot of other kids around the country can do that. There's probably a lot of other kids sitting in meeting rooms across the country playing for some other teams. Not every kid is playing for Michigan. And this place is special to me, it's special to the guys I played with, it's special to the guys who played before me - because we loved Michigan."

"I didn't have an easy experience. I didn't have come in as a top-rated recruit. I didn't come in with the opportunity to play right away. I had to earn it. And do you know what the greatest honor I ever received as a player is? In my fourth year and my fifth year I was named team captain. That to this day is the single greatest achievement I ever had as a football player, because the men in this room chose me to lead their team. And these were my best friends. These were the guys that knew that I liked to work, that knew that I loved football, that knew that i loved to play, that knew that I wanted to be the quarterback for Michigan."