Brady: Revis 'best I ever played against'

Brady: Revis 'best I ever played against'
September 18, 2013, 2:30 pm
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FOXBORO -- Given their struggles right now, the Patriots wide receivers don’t really need to face the best corner in football.
But they’re going to. And by now, the rookie wideouts have been apprised by Tom Brady how good Darrelle Revis is.

Revis, traded from the Jets to the Bucs in the offseason, is coming back from a serious knee injury last season. Brady sees no slippage.
“I don’t think there’s been many balls caught on him these two weeks (of the season),” said Brady. “He looks like the same guy to me.”
Then Brady commenced his Ode to Darrelle:
“There’s nothing negative about his playing style,” said Brady. “There’s nothing negative about his skill set. He can really do it all. He’s fast, he’s quick, he matches up against small guys, matches up against big guys. He’s really long, he’s really strong, he’s patient. There’s some guys who guess all the time and sometimes they guess wrong. He never guesses wrong. He’s smart, he sees the whole field. I never played against anyone as good as him. He’s the best I ever played against.”
A recent story comparing Revis and Seattle’s Richard Sherman by Andy Benoit details just how much regard Brady has for Revis. Brady stays the hell away from him because, most every time he looks Revis’ way, his man is locked down.
“You just have to be careful when you throw his way because you know he’s gonna be close,” Brady explained.
Brady has a healthy respect for the men who try to make his job difficult. Asked who some of the best corners he’s faced are, Brady mentioned Ty Law, saying, “Ty was a great player. We played a lot of zone with Ty and I remember him intercepting me in practice and thinking, ‘How did he see that and get to that ball?’ He had such great field vision. There are certain guys who are man-to-man corners. The Jets over the past few years with Revis and (Antonio) Cromartie, they put them on one guy and say take the ball away.”
Brady mentioned former Dolphins corner Patrick Surtain, Charles Woodson and Champ Bailey but concluded by saying, “Darrelle is certainly at the top.”