Brady pulling for Manning, Welker in Super Bowl

Brady pulling for Manning, Welker in Super Bowl
February 2, 2014, 7:00 pm
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For once, Tom Brady is putting the individual over the team.

In a Westwood One radio interview with Jim Gray before tonight's Super Bowl between the Seahawks and the Broncos, Brady was asked who he would pulling for.

"I'm for players," Brady said. "I'm not necessarily for the team as much as I am for the guys I have relationships with, and I really wanna see do well: Peyton [Manning] I'm obviously friends with, I've known him for a long time; Wes Welker who's one of my best friends. I know both of them play for Denver but . . . So may the best team win. That's how I feel."

As much as Brady might be rooting for his two pals in orange, he appreciates what Russell Wilson has done in his young NFL career. At 25 years old, Wilson has the opportunity to do something Brady once did: win a Lombardi trophy in his sophomore season.

"I've been impressed with him since he went into the league, and the competition he had when he started as a rookie and won the job," Brady said. "We played against him last year in Seattle . . . What he's done last year throughout the course of the season, really his maturity is what's striking. There's nothing that seems to big for Russell, and I know this game's not too big for Russell. I'm sure this is one that he relishes."

Brady hinted after AFC Championship game that he may not even watch the Super Bowl. After two weeks to get over falling short of his ultimate goal, Brady told Gray he will be watching -- especially if it's close in the fourth quarter and Manning has the ball in his hands. Brady even went so far as to admit that he hopes to "emulate" what Manning does to change games and help his teams win.

"If Peyton Manning has the ball in the final two minutes going against Seattle's defense, that's exactly what I'll be watching," Brady said. "At that point in the game, I'll be glued to the TV like everybody else. Those are the moments you dream of as a player, and certainly to watch two of the best -- defense and offense -- the way that they're playing, that's what I'll be rooting for."