Brady has similarities to Nolan Ryan

Brady has similarities to Nolan Ryan
June 2, 2014, 12:00 pm
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When Nolan Ryan was 46 years old, he was in the last of 27 seasons in professional baseball.
In his final start - September 22, 1993 - he blew a ligament in his throwing arm. His final pitch, thrown after the injury, was reportedly clocked at 98.
Obviously, Ryan was an athletic freak. But he also showed monkish devotion to training. Much of that was done with former Red Sox pitcher Tom House, the man who caught Hank Aaron’s 714th home run ball and has now turned into a throwing guru.
Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal spoke to House this week about the similarities between Ryan and Tom Brady, who’s also stated a desire to play well into his 40s
“It’s doable,” House told Daniels. “And if I haven’t been through it with a superstar like Nolan, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am that Tom can do the same thing. Of the athletes that I’m working with, he’s right up there with ones that I can project to be efficient and effective into his mid-40s.”
If you coach kids or just want to see some of the elements of throwing that House stresses, take a little while and watch this.
Meanwhile, think Brady will ever find his Robin Ventura?