Brady happy to let backs run wild

Brady happy to let backs run wild
January 12, 2014, 1:00 am
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FOXBORO -- New England scoring 43 points is not strange in itself, even in 2013. New England scoring 43 points without a single passing touchdown from Tom Brady?

That's unusual.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback had a pedestrian 198 yards on 13-of-25 passing in the divisional playoff win over Indianapolis. It was the running back corps that racked up the numbers -- 234 yards and six touchdowns in total. LeGarrette Blount alone gouged the Colts defense for 166 yards and four touchdowns.

Fine with Brady.

"It was amazing," the quarterback smiled. "We'd keep handing it off and those guys run so hard. They do such a great job of finding the holes, finding where they can just slice through there and get as many yards as they can. It was pretty cool."

It's no secret Indy has struggled against rushing offense this season. Just last weekend the team surrendered 16 receptions to Kansas City running backs. Heading into Saturday night's game against New England, the 'D' was ranked 26th against the run.

The Colts were overmatched before kickoff.

"It's really been a strength of ours all season, the way our running backs have played and our offensive line has performed. It's hard, when you get in these conditions, where the elements play a part -- they played a little bit of a part tonight -- to be as effective as we've been. To get big play after big play has been great."

New England now advances to its third AFC Championship in as many years.

"It was a great win," Brady concluded. "Good to be part of a team win like that. Everybody contributed. And the games only get bigger. It should be a fun week to get ready. We don't take it for granted and we'll try to play our best game next week."