Brady: Garoppolo 'great' in his opportunities

Brady: Garoppolo 'great' in his opportunities
August 18, 2014, 9:00 am
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Jimmy Garoppolo is 15-for-25 with 229 yards passing and three touchdowns in his first two NFL preseason games, which has more than caught the attention of football fans in New England. His performance has drawn praise from even Garoppolo's senior-most co-worker.

"He's went out there and done just a great job when he's had his opportunity," Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said in an interview with WEEI on Monday. "That's great to see from any young player. But you gotta keep building on it, you gotta keep getting better and making improvements, and improving your deficiencies while strengthening the things that are really strong points for you."

Garoppolo has shown quick feet, a nice touch on deep passes and solid decision-making in his first two games as a pro. But when Brady was asked whether he has seen Garoppolo exhibit all the things -- both mental and physical -- that are required of successful NFL quarterbacks, his answered with a wait-and-see approach.

"It's hard to tell after such a short period of time," Brady explained. "Like I said, just like every team, the individuals have to improve their work ethic, their discipline, their mental toughness, their decision-making over the course of a long season. That's what good teams do. And the individuals on those good teams, those are the decisions they make. Anyone who makes the final roster's going to be counted on. You gotta be counted on to do your job at a high level every single day if you're going to be a great team. Jimmy falls into that category just like everybody else does. From the first guy on the roster all the way down to the guy who's the last guy on the roster."