Brady confident Pats won't worry about him

Brady confident Pats won't worry about him
June 9, 2014, 2:45 pm
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FOXBORO – Though the Patriots have played in five conference championships and two Super Bowls since 2005, the standard they set in the first five years of this century has become a millstone.
The inability to win at the level they did from 2001 to 2004 is smoking gun evidence that they ain’t what they used to be. No matter that nobody else has been as annually dominant as New England over the past eight seasons, the lack of a Lombradi is paraded as proof of slippage.
The Patriots 2013 season ended with the Broncos going upside their head in the AFC Championship
Now, says Tom Brady, the aim is building on the foundation laid. And looking hard at where and why they came up short.
“There’s been some new additions and you try to look back on what you need to do better from last season and where we ended and all the different aspects of the game that can improve ultimately our performance in critical moments,” said Brady on Monday at Gillette Stadium. “We’re far from midseason form. We just got started and we’re gonna have a lot of work here. We got two solid weeks left and then training camp. The guys are working hard and that’s the most important thing.”
Brady pointed out that improving individual skills is critical but group improvement trumps that.
“It’s not necessarily my improvement, but how my improvement relates to the rest of the team,” he explained. “We all change from year to year, the strengths of our team change every year based on who’s out there, who’s playing, what schemes are working. You always try to play to the strengths of your team. The more strengths you have, the tougher it will be to defend.
“Me, as an individual, I always try to be the same. I try to be consistent for a long period of time. That’s a great motivation for me to be the same caliber player that I’ve always been for this and for the team to really depend on me. I don’t have a lot of worries that they’ll have to worry about me.”