Brady all smiles despite banged-up schnoz


Brady all smiles despite banged-up schnoz

Tom Brady came to the podium, wearing what appeared to be a pretty expensive suit. Typical post-game deal for him. But something was off.

"Not my usual look," he said with a smile.

He wore a white bandage on his nose after catching Kamerion Wimbley's shin in his face when he was sacked in the first half of New England's 34-13 win over Tennessee.

Someone in the media said he looked like Robert De Niro's chatacter in the boxing classic "Raging Bull."

Brady insisted his offensive line played pretty well, despite his battered look.

He also said he wasn't sure if his schnoz was broken.

"I have no idea what a broken nose feels like," Brady said. "It'll be fine. I need some of that anyway."