Borges: Pats have morphed into the old Colts

Borges: Pats have morphed into the old Colts
October 15, 2012, 5:16 am
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Ron Borges and Greg Bedard join "Sports Sunday" to discuss the amount of times Brady threw the ball and ask why they didn't run the ball more.

The Herald's Borges says the Pats have "morphed into the old Colts" of Peyton Manning's early days there that could outscore opponents but had a suspect defense.

"What are the games they've lost?" Borges asked about the current Patriots. "The more he Tom Brady has thrown."

"The more you ask of him, the more pressure's on him, the more likely he's going to make a throw he regrets or he gets hit," Borges said of Brady.

The Globe's Bedard agrees that there was too much reliance on the pass on Sunday.

"You're up 23-10 most of the game an Brady's throwing 58 times?" Bedard asked. "To me, there's something wrong with that. Where's the running game?"