Bethel Johnson irks Patriots fans after loss

Bethel Johnson irks Patriots fans after loss
January 19, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Remember Bethel Johnson? Really fast . . . Played receiver for the Patriots from 2003-05 . . . Returned kicks . . . Yeah, that guy.

He sure stirred up some stuff on Twitter following New England's 26-16 loss in the AFC title game to the Broncos on Sunday.

Sounds a tad delusional, right? Well it turns out Bethel was just having a little bit of fun. He came clean after getting an earful from Patriots fans.

One last note on Johnson, who hung around the NFL until 2007 and then did a year in the CFL: His Twitter name "Bethel 4.0 Johnson" reflects his current 40-yard dash time, according to him.

That's borderline impossible -- Johnson is now 34 years old and the fastest recorded 40-yard dash since 1999 was Chris Johnson's (4.24 seconds) -- meaning the only lesson we learned tonight is that Bethel Johnson is a troll of the highest order.