Belichick sees Wilson's talent


Belichick sees Wilson's talent

FOXBORO -- On Tuesday, Bill Belichick talked about Russell Wilson's height. He mentioned that there's an exception to everything, and that, with Wilson, there's an exception to his 5-foot-11 stature.

In his further evaluation of the Seahawks quarterback to the media on Wednesday, Belichick wasn't ready to put him in the Hall. But he did explain why he believes Wilson is the right man for the job in Seattle.

"He's got pretty good talent," said Belichick. "He's athletic. He can definitely move around, avoid the rush. He's got good quickness in the
pocket, he can run. He's made a lot of good throws. He's made some good throws down the field.

"It's a West coast offense, so a lot of that is based on three and five-step drops, get the ball out quick and on time. He does that.
He's got a good, quick release. So, he can definitely do that to use his tight ends. He gets the ball to all his receivers. So, I think
he's pretty good. I can see why he's their starting quarterback. He played well in the preseason, and he's done a solid job for them.

"Is he perfect? No. But I think he's got talent."