Belichick says Gronk is good to go


Belichick says Gronk is good to go

FOXBORO - With the suimmer of Gronk having ground to a halt, Bill Belichick was asked about the daffy tight end's availability for camp in the wake of offseason ankle surgery.

"I think he's alright," was Belichick's succinct response.

Gronkowski (I just noticed I got this far without calling him Rob Gronkowski...he's like Pele, Magic and Larry, apparently) was not hard to locate during the offseason, whether that be on red carpets, at Celtics games or poolside.

Bill Belichick didn't deny the Patriots spoke to Gronk about reeling himself back in, but Belichick made it sound like every player has a little ear-bending with the coach at this time of year.

"I talk to our players individually and collectively about a lot of things all the time," said Belichick. "Any conversations that I have individually with a player I keep between myself and the player. But I talk to the players on a daily basis. We talk about a lot of things."

Asked if social media avenues make the conversations different, Belichick answered circuitously, saying, "We've always talked about a variety of things as it relates to individual and personal development, team development and what we need to do better as an organization, as a team and individually. And that goes for all of us. Twenty years ago we didn't have Twitter, Myface (also known as MySpace) and all that. We talk about whatever's current."

Ex-Pats Podcast: Defending Le’Veon Bell; Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live mishap


Ex-Pats Podcast: Defending Le’Veon Bell; Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live mishap

Dan Koppen, Jerod Mayo, and Mike Giardi discuss the upcoming AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jerod Mayo draws up a plan for defending running back Le’Veon Bell. Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live controversy is also broached.

2:30 Recapping the win over Houston

6:09 Improving pass protection vs Steelers

8:18 Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live controversy

13:00 Defending Le’Veon Bell

17:35 Importance of tackling vs Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger

20:19 The rivalry with Pittsburgh

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