Belichick on Sabol: 'He was a great friend'


Belichick on Sabol: 'He was a great friend'

FOXBORO -- Since the passing of Steve Sabol on Tuesday, September 18, there's been an outpouring of esteem from around the league in his honor.
Bill Belichick was asked to remember the NFL Films giant on Friday.

"There arent many people that I think have done more for the NFL or done more for football than Steve has," the Patriots coach said. "He was a great friend. Id say my favorite memories of Steve are going to owners meetings and just sitting around talking. Steve was a great storyteller, both on film and in person.
"He had a great appreciation for the game, the history of the game, the people and the past really, as well as the present. But he had a great memory, great experiences in the past. I just loved to talk to him, just talking about football. He was really special. I think its hard these days to find somebody like Steve that was never about him, it was always about the game, it was about the entertainment."
Belichick, an intensely private person, granted NFL Films unprecedented access into his fortified world for the "A Football Life" series. The coach was wired, his meetings were filmed, and it was all broadcast for the world to see.
"A Football Life: Bill Belichick" debuts as the most-watched documentary in the history of NFL Network.
"All the things he did, I dont think he ever made anybody look bad. That wasnt the point, even though we all had some bad moments, we had fumbles and whatever but you were sort of able to laugh at yourself the way he presented it. It seemed like every time he did something, you walked out of there with either a smile on your face or a great appreciation for what he showed and his ability to show a close, unique look at the game until so many of us never saw until he presented it, or the way he presented it. Ill miss Steve, hes really special. The job hes done for NFL Films, the recognition hes gotten he certainly deserves; a really special guy."

Faulk: Brady thanked me for wearing his jersey at NFL Draft


Faulk: Brady thanked me for wearing his jersey at NFL Draft

Many -- most? -- of Tom Brady's teammates, and ex-teammates, feel the same as the denizens of Patriots Nation: That the future Hall of Fame quarterback has been unfairly railroaded in the kangaroo court of Roger Goodell and Ted Wells and the NFL.

Unlike the rest, however, Kevin Faulk had the chance to do something about it.

He made an unmistakable statement when, while making one of the Patriots' picks at the recent NFL Draft, he whipped off his jacket and displayed a Patriots jersey adorned with Brady's No. 12. And he punctuated it with a look of total defiance on his face.

Pats fans loved it. And so did a certain quarterback.

Brady called Faulk and, according to the ex-running back, told him: "Thank you for just showing the respect that we had for each other."

"That was all it [was]," Faulk said Tuesday morning on Toucher & Rich. "It wasn't [a] big, drawn-out deal, nothing like that. It was, 'Thank you.' . . .

"We may not talk every day, but whenever we do pick up the phone to call to each other, we can help each other out."

Still, Faulk admitted to nerves prior to the moment, Until . . . 

"[I] went to the green room right before they take you to the stage," he related. "And the girl who took me to the green room, she was a New England Patriots fan. And she was like, 'I love it!' So that just gave me that much more . . . confidence.

"It was like, 'Let's go do this!' "