Belichick: Patriots understand Baltimore's start

Belichick: Patriots understand Baltimore's start
September 18, 2012, 6:03 pm
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The Patriots and Ravens currently have something in common. They've played two games each, and according to the tape, both look a little bi-polar.
New England:
Beat Tennessee soundly, 34-13, in Week 1. Couldn't get out of their own way and lost to Kevin Kolb's Cardinals, 20-18, in Week 2.
Beat Cincinnati soundly, 44-13, in Week 1. Couldn't get out of their own way and lost to Mike Vick's Eagles, 24-23, in Week 2.
It's not just one win followed by one loss, it's flipping from near-brilliant to largely flawed in seven days time.
Patriots coach Bill Belichick acknowledged the opportunity for empathy in his Tuesday conference call.
"I'm sure," Belichick said, "they got about the same feeling there that we have here."
After allowing less than 200 yards both in rushing or passing to start the season, the Ravens defense surrendered 486 net yards to Philadelphia. Rob Gronkowski should perhaps take note that tight end Brent Celek alone had 157 yards on eight catches.
Baltimore couldn't convert on third down (4-for-14), went away from Ray Rice (just nine carries in the second half), and couldn't capitalize on turnovers.
But Belichick refuses to rise and fall based on singular results.
"I think Baltimore played pretty well both weeks," he insisted. "Philadelphia's got a good football team. They have a lot of weapons and are pretty good defensively. Ravens were able to score on them and made plays in the kicking game both weeks. Cincinnati game was a very competitive game until the fourth quarter -- late in the third quarter -- and then it kind of got out of hand. Cincinnati's obviously a good football team, too.
"I think the Ravens are a good team. They played well. I'm sure they would have liked to have scored more points or given up a few less last week, I mean, that's obvious. It's the same feeling we have. I don't think it takes away from them as a football team."Funny. That's probably what the Patriots are hoping Baltimore believes about them.