Belichick: O'Brien managing two jobs well


Belichick: O'Brien managing two jobs well

Having Josh McDaniels around New England these days is obviously beneficial to the Patriots' offense. But coach Bill Belichick said on Tuesday that McDaniels presence hasn't taken away from what everybody else has been doing, specifically offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, who will coach his last game with the Patriots in the Super Bowl before leaving to become the head coach at Penn State.

"It's great to have Josh here," said Belichick. "Josh was here for a long time. He obviously made a lot of contributions to our team and our success. He and I had a good working relationship and it's great to have him back.

"But that being said, I mean, Billy O'Brien has continued to do -- in the last few weeks, being the head coach at Penn State -- he's done everything that he's done this year and last year, on a weekly basis. He has the same responsibilities. He's just worked very hard to try to manage the two situations."

"But, by far and away, the majority of his time and energy and effort has all been put into the New England Patriots," added Belichick. "He's done his full-time job here well and very diligently, just like he always has. There hasn't been any difference."