Belichick no longer NFL's highest-paid head coach

Belichick no longer NFL's highest-paid head coach
May 27, 2013, 9:45 am
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Bill Belichick was believed to be the highest paid coach around. Not only in the NFL, but in all of American sports.

Now that title, unimportant as it may be for the man who changes the name of his boat with every new Super Bowl title, is no longer Belichick's to claim.

Saints coach Sean Payton is reportedly going to be paid somewhere in the $8 million range per season over the next five seasons, which would make him the new man atop the money list for American coaches.

The NFL voided Payton's last contract extension with the Saints, making him a free agent. But New Orleans ownership reached deep into its pockets and made it loud and clear that it wanted Payton back on the sidelines for the long-term.

Belichick's salary, though never announced, is reported to be in the range of $7.5 million per year. That would leave him very close in salary to new Kansas City coach Any Reid (about $7.5 million) and just ahead of Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who is estimated to make around $7 million per season.

Now, if we were to include soccer coaches from across the pond, the salaries of Payton and Belichick would be blown out of the water. Six soccer managers are thought to make about $10 million each season, including Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho ($20 million per year) and Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson, who recently announced his retirement but was reportedly making $12 million per year.